Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 4

What siege?

Nesta note dump:

* Oksana speaks to Tacy about her past, says she was there when the murder happened but didn’t kill anyone
* Found heals the sick bandits
* Lady Argentia goes down to speak to Rohkar, says he should be released in exchange for helping defeat the fey
* Found accompanies Rohkar to get the cold iron coating
* Rohkar tells about the boss moss troll, Teb, who is probably sending Izoze and ice sprites and Hobblestob (oracle) to kill the party
* Upon thinking about it, Aniolas talks to Oksana about Irrisen and the endless winter and gets the rundown on Baba Yaga and her invasion and consequent control of the area and her daughters and the 100 year cycles
* The party and Rohkar, Tacy, and the rest of the bandits get ready for the incoming fey attack, coating weapons with the ice and fortifying the windows
* The fey attack and are initially hammered by arrows from the bandits upstairs
* The fight goes badly for the attacking fey, including the ice mephit Izzoze being paralyzed and beheaded by Rohkar, and the party rests the night.
* The party including Argentia and Rohkar (and bandits) return to Heldren where they find that the village was attacked by a huge pack of wolves led by a giant white wolf
* The talking stag had made it to Heldren before the wolves and had warned them, also the stag fought off the giant white wolf, killing it and has become the town hero
* Oksana investigates the corpse of the wolf
* Found finds that his older brother (who was in the town guard) was killed during the attack, to his obvious ditress
* Argentia has the town pay the party 500gp for their help and her rescue
* Oksana makes Aniolas look at the wolf as he identifies it as a winter worg
* The party buys some things like wands and scrolls and head on their way to the fey camp while Lady Argentia made her way to Opparra to warn of the fey


Mattzm Nestamon

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