Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 5

Never Split the Party...

Session 5:

* Traveling up to the camp, the party stops overnight at the Sentinel’s lodge then continues on
* They find a body in the snow, a hunter (Dryden Kepp) from Heldren who was complaining about a giant weasel. There was a journal on him and he mentions tracking the weasel and having special animal bane arrows
* Down further, they are attacked by mad looking trees called Frost Firs, who start off by skull bashing one of the party’s bandits
* After defeating the Frost Firs, the group is attacked by a giant weasel
* The party comes upon a strange area with ice pillars and a hut on a small hill
* Oksana recognizes the hut as being a guardian hut from Irrisen, which contains a doll construct that attacks and kills things coming near it at night – that are enabled with the souls of dead children
* A small girl appears and speaks to the party in snippets before disappearing further into the ice pillar maze before repeating
* She says:“I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me! I never meant to call you names!” Please don’t keep me here. It’s so cold. I miss my mother.“I don’t want your stupid doll! I want to go home! Take me back!” “I have to get away! And you should, too, before they see you. Run!”
* She is really a haunt, a manifestation of somehow dying terribly. There was a voice that sounded like Found talk to the girl and Oksana notices faces appearing in the snow that are most likely the last things the dead girl saw
* The party attacks the doll, knowing that it has the child’s soul trapped in it
* They defeat the doll and smash the gem in its eye that holds the child’s soul, which dissipates the haunt, however the other eye has a mirror used for scrying, so if there was someone scrying they could have seen the entire group of PCs
* The group rests at the hut for the night and gets ready to go to the camp tomorrow. During that time, Oksana confronts Found about the face of someone who looked like him appeared in the faces in the snow.
* The party splits up to attack the camp and Aniolas and Oksana go with Rohkar and the skeletons
* As bad guys will tend to do, he tries to ambush Aniolas and Oksana. TenPenny had followed them and intervenes on behalf of them.
* They just managed to defeat him and Aniolas finished him off with an acid dart into the mouth, but this has seriously delayed them to help out attacking the camp


Mattzm Nestamon

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