Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 6

A tough fight and the portal to Irrisen

Session 6:

* The other members of the group attack the encampment and are joined later by Aniolas and Oksana. Barely overcoming the moss troll, Teb, and his minions, the party discovers a large portal shooting out ice, sleet, and other cold stuff.
* The Black Rider appears from the icy portal, with a giant icicle through his chest.
* After questioning, he says the portal is a two way doorway to Irrisen. Baba Yaga is missing and the current Queen (Ilvana) is making a power play to stay in power.
* He tells the party that the gates will keep opening up all over the world and eventually eternal winter will be everywhere and Irrisen will invade.
* He asks the party to search for Baba Yaga who will be able to stop the queen and gives them his mantle upon sacrificing himself in an arcane ritual. This makes them each a little better in the attribute of their choice but are also geased into searching for Baba Yaga. He says that the portal will lead to a place where Baba Yaga’s magical hut is and it will help the party search for her.
* Portal leaves them Southwest of city Whitethrone, with what looks like a battle field around them.
* After walking in the snow a bit, they come across a battle with some locals and a giant mantis (which are native to Taldorn)
* Nadya Petska was the head of the group of locals and she introduces herself, invited them to come along to Wallsby, the nearby village the party is looking for
* They camp for the night to let an incoming storm pass over them and the meet a fey bard named Mierul Ardelain who is traveling to perform for the Irrisen nobles
* The bard keeps asking them why they are in this land, and the party bluffs very badly about it
* The next day, they are attacked by a huge swarm of ravens who apparently act as spies for the Irrisen nobles (Jadwiga). Nadya tries to hide them under a tarp, but the ravens see them and attack
* The ravens are defeated and the group heads into town (but not before Aniolas tries to impress the bard with a giant flaming sphere), where Nadya says that she was trying to bring food to the Jadwiga since they took her daughter for saying things against the head Jadwiga.


Mattzm Nestamon

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