Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 7

Staggering parallels

* The party arrives in Waldsby and Nadya offers for them to stay with her while she stores the food she brought
* They head into the village to look for a general store to refit and Found weirdly takes them straight to it without knowing how. The whole town reminds him of Heldren.
* Party buys some rations, rope, and ale amongst other things
* Aniolas and Oksana figure out this is a ley line that has split in a “Fey Line Forked Mirrorism”. Heldren is the opposite of this village.
* Found heads towards where his family’s brewery would be located and finds it burned down
* The party heads back to Nadya’s house and Found asks about the brewery and finds that it was burned down by the Jadwiga 15 years ago when it was found that the family there was smuggling people out of Irrisen.
* Going to the tavern, the couple that runs it seems to recognize Found and along with the ale, serves him a cup of tea without him asking for it
* Spellcraft shows that the tea has the power of magic suggestion and shortly after the owners tell Found to leave the town right this minute
* Found refuses and approaches the owner, who then shoots him with crossbow
* Defeated and tied up for interrogation, the owners tell Found that the brewery was owned by the nicest halfling family who were sold out to the Jadwiga by their oldest son (Volen Sertane) and a human bastard (Radosek Pavril) they had found and adopted
* The jadwiga came into town and rounded them up and burned down the brewery and crucified the family
* Oksana recognizes that Radosek is skaldic for found
* The party decides to take a trip to the Pale Tower to find evil Found and try to shut the portal to Heldren down
* While preparing, the party recognizes a picture of Nadya’s daughter as being the tiny child doll that the party encountered previously
* Aniolas detected a illusion spell and he cast glitterdust to reveal a small house spirit called Hatch, who was very distraught over the news
* While still preparing, (including a beard for Found to make him look like Radosek), guards knocked on the door and demanded Nadya tell them about the strangers she’s been seen with
* Found tries to command them to leave while impersonating Radosek but fails miserably so the party slays the guards and ties up one, but one raced towards the tower to warn the sergeant, but the party caught and killed him
* Head to the tavern to confront the sergeant, who ends up being Volen Sertane. The party defeats them and Volen is unconscious.


Mattzm Nestamon

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