Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 8

Regulus really hammers the point home

Session 8

* Found heals up the guards and Volen. Aniolas gets them to talk by intimidating them.
* Volen tells about how the brewery gets burned down and finding Radosek.
* Nazhena Vasilliovna is the name of the head white witch, who left to go to Whitethrone when Baba Yaga’s hut was chained in the market square
* Hestrig Orlov is the captain, a sorcerer who buffs up with spells to fight
* Radosek knows of the party via the mirror Volen, and the patrol has been notified and is probably heading this way, about two days out
* Tenpenny notes that they will probably assemble outside of town on the road, so we could ambush them
* The party goes about the village and tries to convince them to fight the incoming patrol
* They convince the blacksmith with coin to help outfit the townspeople
* After setting up, Oksana and Found recognize that the general store shopkeeper is acting strangely. Upon confrontation, she bolts. Captured after a bit of a struggle, she admits to telling the Pale Tower what the group has been up to
* Five days later, the Pale Tower patrol force approaches the town, with the sorcerer captain leading the charge.
* The party fights them off, finishing the battle with Regulus splattering the captain into fine red paste.
* The party feels stronger, more experienced and a bit tougher.


If Regulus makes it to the end of this adventure without having Brian drop rocks on his head, it’ll be a miracle.

Session 8
Mattzm Nestamon

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