Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

With New Levels, Comes New Challenges

Wherein the heroes fight an encounter that is likely impossible without resting.

Oksana picks the lock on the room and finds that Rohkar is gone but has left a fey in a cage.

The party acquires loot from a chest, with lots of shinies.

They travel downstairs and find that Rohkar has animated a bunch of the bandits as zombies.

Combat ensues! It’s a rough fight and all but Found come near to being eliminated at one point. Thankfully, a potent sleep spell evens the odds enough that the party triumphs over the necromancer, who they realise is a priest of Norgorber.

They speak to the half orc woman who has barricaded the living bandits into the infirmary.
There are two major players amongst the fey that we know about

Izuz – Ice Mephit
Teb Noton – Moss Troll

Tenpenny Tacey, the half orc chef. (Seekrit Celebrity)

Lady Aratea has been released and knows who Tenpenny is. Regulus returns her signet ring.

Lady Aratea tells us that

  • Fey have a camp in the woods
  • There is a map upstairs
  • Doesn’t know why they are here but suspects it to do with the winter.
  • She recommends returning to the village
  • Rohkar planned to ransom her or replace her with a double.
  • Rohkar planned to attack the fey…until we almost killed him and half his force.
  • She didn’t know that Rohkar had killed half his men and animated them as zombies.

The party decides to make camp for the night in the cabin and ask Tenpenny Tacey what actually happened in Demgazi. She’s a former thief who now stays with the bandits to avoid a heist

Found has to stop Aniolas beating an unconscious Rohkar to death in a fit of rage. Found argues that he wouldn’t want his new friend to become a murderer in the name of vengeance.

Rohkar taunts the heroes from his captive state and teases the location of some “liquid cold iron” that will give them the edge against the fey, but he wants his freedom in exchange for the info. Found threatens him but Rohkar knows that Found doesn’t really have the stomach for cold hard torture.

Nesta note dump:

* Oksana picks the lock of the door that Rokar went behind, only to find an almost empty room with no Rokar but an angry imp in a cage
* Found figures out that an invisibility spell had been cast, but not before remembering to close/block the door behind them
* The party stops to loot a chest with lots of stuff, including ice diamond a type gem normally found in Irrisen, a land to the north
* Heading downstairs, the party finds the bandits they knocked out, now dead but undead (thanks to Rokar) and what looks like two Rokars
* A hard fight later, Rokar the Necromancer and his minions were defeated
* The party interrogated the Half-Orc woman from before
* They find out that the fey appeared and it seems they are the beginning of an invasion force, mapping out the local towns
* The fey are led by Teb Knotten the moss troll and Izoze the Ice Mephit is second in command
* The fey forced the bandits to help, but not after a fight and killing half of the bandit
* The bandits began getting sick just after this, and the half-orc lady (Ten-Penny Tacy) thinks that Izoze is bringing the illness
* Aniolas found his family’s spellbook on Kozar along with some other loot, including a Cloak of the Yeti
* The party opened the trap door and found Lady Argentia and released her, returning her signet ring
* She explained that the fey have a camp in the woods they are based out of, which can be found by looking in the map room in the lodge
* She thinks that the fey were going to ransom her off or create a double of her to spy on Taldorian nobles
* The fey seems to be getting as much information on Taldor to invade
* She thinks that the bandits were getting ready to attack the fey
* Lady Argentia has heard of Ten Penny Tacy, who was supposedly wanted in Damgazi for killing a noble
* The party interrogates Rokar, especially Aniolas. He finds that Rokar killed his parents because he was stealing from them and Aniolas’ father was too haughty for Rokar’s taste
* He also says the fey are going to come and attack them as they are very predictable and that he was going to attack them until we came and messed it all up
* He’s got a liquid form of cold iron to use against the fey


Mattzm Nestamon

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