Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 5
Never Split the Party...

Session 5:

* Traveling up to the camp, the party stops overnight at the Sentinel’s lodge then continues on
* They find a body in the snow, a hunter (Dryden Kepp) from Heldren who was complaining about a giant weasel. There was a journal on him and he mentions tracking the weasel and having special animal bane arrows
* Down further, they are attacked by mad looking trees called Frost Firs, who start off by skull bashing one of the party’s bandits
* After defeating the Frost Firs, the group is attacked by a giant weasel
* The party comes upon a strange area with ice pillars and a hut on a small hill
* Oksana recognizes the hut as being a guardian hut from Irrisen, which contains a doll construct that attacks and kills things coming near it at night – that are enabled with the souls of dead children
* A small girl appears and speaks to the party in snippets before disappearing further into the ice pillar maze before repeating
* She says:“I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me! I never meant to call you names!” Please don’t keep me here. It’s so cold. I miss my mother.“I don’t want your stupid doll! I want to go home! Take me back!” “I have to get away! And you should, too, before they see you. Run!”
* She is really a haunt, a manifestation of somehow dying terribly. There was a voice that sounded like Found talk to the girl and Oksana notices faces appearing in the snow that are most likely the last things the dead girl saw
* The party attacks the doll, knowing that it has the child’s soul trapped in it
* They defeat the doll and smash the gem in its eye that holds the child’s soul, which dissipates the haunt, however the other eye has a mirror used for scrying, so if there was someone scrying they could have seen the entire group of PCs
* The group rests at the hut for the night and gets ready to go to the camp tomorrow. During that time, Oksana confronts Found about the face of someone who looked like him appeared in the faces in the snow.
* The party splits up to attack the camp and Aniolas and Oksana go with Rohkar and the skeletons
* As bad guys will tend to do, he tries to ambush Aniolas and Oksana. TenPenny had followed them and intervenes on behalf of them.
* They just managed to defeat him and Aniolas finished him off with an acid dart into the mouth, but this has seriously delayed them to help out attacking the camp

Session 4
What siege?

Nesta note dump:

* Oksana speaks to Tacy about her past, says she was there when the murder happened but didn’t kill anyone
* Found heals the sick bandits
* Lady Argentia goes down to speak to Rohkar, says he should be released in exchange for helping defeat the fey
* Found accompanies Rohkar to get the cold iron coating
* Rohkar tells about the boss moss troll, Teb, who is probably sending Izoze and ice sprites and Hobblestob (oracle) to kill the party
* Upon thinking about it, Aniolas talks to Oksana about Irrisen and the endless winter and gets the rundown on Baba Yaga and her invasion and consequent control of the area and her daughters and the 100 year cycles
* The party and Rohkar, Tacy, and the rest of the bandits get ready for the incoming fey attack, coating weapons with the ice and fortifying the windows
* The fey attack and are initially hammered by arrows from the bandits upstairs
* The fight goes badly for the attacking fey, including the ice mephit Izzoze being paralyzed and beheaded by Rohkar, and the party rests the night.
* The party including Argentia and Rohkar (and bandits) return to Heldren where they find that the village was attacked by a huge pack of wolves led by a giant white wolf
* The talking stag had made it to Heldren before the wolves and had warned them, also the stag fought off the giant white wolf, killing it and has become the town hero
* Oksana investigates the corpse of the wolf
* Found finds that his older brother (who was in the town guard) was killed during the attack, to his obvious ditress
* Argentia has the town pay the party 500gp for their help and her rescue
* Oksana makes Aniolas look at the wolf as he identifies it as a winter worg
* The party buys some things like wands and scrolls and head on their way to the fey camp while Lady Argentia made her way to Opparra to warn of the fey

With New Levels, Comes New Challenges
Wherein the heroes fight an encounter that is likely impossible without resting.

Oksana picks the lock on the room and finds that Rohkar is gone but has left a fey in a cage.

The party acquires loot from a chest, with lots of shinies.

They travel downstairs and find that Rohkar has animated a bunch of the bandits as zombies.

Combat ensues! It’s a rough fight and all but Found come near to being eliminated at one point. Thankfully, a potent sleep spell evens the odds enough that the party triumphs over the necromancer, who they realise is a priest of Norgorber.

They speak to the half orc woman who has barricaded the living bandits into the infirmary.
There are two major players amongst the fey that we know about

Izuz – Ice Mephit
Teb Noton – Moss Troll

Tenpenny Tacey, the half orc chef. (Seekrit Celebrity)

Lady Aratea has been released and knows who Tenpenny is. Regulus returns her signet ring.

Lady Aratea tells us that

  • Fey have a camp in the woods
  • There is a map upstairs
  • Doesn’t know why they are here but suspects it to do with the winter.
  • She recommends returning to the village
  • Rohkar planned to ransom her or replace her with a double.
  • Rohkar planned to attack the fey…until we almost killed him and half his force.
  • She didn’t know that Rohkar had killed half his men and animated them as zombies.

The party decides to make camp for the night in the cabin and ask Tenpenny Tacey what actually happened in Demgazi. She’s a former thief who now stays with the bandits to avoid a heist

Found has to stop Aniolas beating an unconscious Rohkar to death in a fit of rage. Found argues that he wouldn’t want his new friend to become a murderer in the name of vengeance.

Rohkar taunts the heroes from his captive state and teases the location of some “liquid cold iron” that will give them the edge against the fey, but he wants his freedom in exchange for the info. Found threatens him but Rohkar knows that Found doesn’t really have the stomach for cold hard torture.

Nesta note dump:

* Oksana picks the lock of the door that Rokar went behind, only to find an almost empty room with no Rokar but an angry imp in a cage
* Found figures out that an invisibility spell had been cast, but not before remembering to close/block the door behind them
* The party stops to loot a chest with lots of stuff, including ice diamond a type gem normally found in Irrisen, a land to the north
* Heading downstairs, the party finds the bandits they knocked out, now dead but undead (thanks to Rokar) and what looks like two Rokars
* A hard fight later, Rokar the Necromancer and his minions were defeated
* The party interrogated the Half-Orc woman from before
* They find out that the fey appeared and it seems they are the beginning of an invasion force, mapping out the local towns
* The fey are led by Teb Knotten the moss troll and Izoze the Ice Mephit is second in command
* The fey forced the bandits to help, but not after a fight and killing half of the bandit
* The bandits began getting sick just after this, and the half-orc lady (Ten-Penny Tacy) thinks that Izoze is bringing the illness
* Aniolas found his family’s spellbook on Kozar along with some other loot, including a Cloak of the Yeti
* The party opened the trap door and found Lady Argentia and released her, returning her signet ring
* She explained that the fey have a camp in the woods they are based out of, which can be found by looking in the map room in the lodge
* She thinks that the fey were going to ransom her off or create a double of her to spy on Taldorian nobles
* The fey seems to be getting as much information on Taldor to invade
* She thinks that the bandits were getting ready to attack the fey
* Lady Argentia has heard of Ten Penny Tacy, who was supposedly wanted in Damgazi for killing a noble
* The party interrogates Rokar, especially Aniolas. He finds that Rokar killed his parents because he was stealing from them and Aniolas’ father was too haughty for Rokar’s taste
* He also says the fey are going to come and attack them as they are very predictable and that he was going to attack them until we came and messed it all up
* He’s got a liquid form of cold iron to use against the fey

Session Two
1st level is a bitch to survive

* We reach Wishbone Creek, which has frozen over
* Regulas smashes a snowman who warned against trespassing, setting off a sonic trap that everyone fell victim to
* Found heals everyone and we approach the river, finding that the water is still running under the frozen top and there are some weak spots in the ice, peculiar in their circular shape
* We go farther down the way to cross and Found goes first, only to have two tiny ice elementals appear from the river
* Found goes down hard, but the party defeats them and drags Found’s body to the other bank and sets up camp
* They find Old Man Dansby’s corpse and loot it (in a nice, respectable way)
* Down the way, they hear arguing and sneak up on 3 bandits. Aniolas casts sleep and 2/3 go down. Found charged it and Aniolas finished it off with an arrow dart
* Looted the bandits, then Oksana tied them up with incredible skill.
* Found begins to interrogate one, but the group thinks he’s not telling the entire truth so an intimidation begins
* They say that the fey forced them to help attack the Sentinels, where they defeated them in an attack a week ago
* Left the bandits with two tied up and one free but unconscious
* The party made their way up to the lodge
* Oksana spots a crossbow trap and disables it with ease and also spots someone in the first room
* Sneak further in where Oksana makes some noise, alerting three inside, but Found bluffs them into thinking we were another bandit
* Those bandits sounded really hoarse, like they were very sick
* Found finds the stable and takes a moment to feed the horses
* Regulas notices a creature across the bridge that is watching us
* Aniolas identifies it as an ice mephit, but the party senses its danger and decides since it wasn’t attacking to leave it alone
* Approaching the front door, Oksana is noticed by a half-orc woman
* Found kind of succeeds in bluffing her, and she goes back inside
* Found opens the front door and goes in, spots five bandits eating inside
* Under the bear rug, Oksana finds a locked trapdoor but is unable to unlock it
* After setting up, the party attacks the bandits, starting with Aniolas color spraying 3 of them into unconsciousness
* Aniolas knocks one more out and Found takes care of the last, but the battle wakes up the sleeping bandits and Found is unable to bluff them
* With the help of Found’s blessings Regulas flips the table over perfectly to block the doorway of the bedroom with the remaining bandits
* The party cold clocks the unconscious bandits in the room, then able to weigh down the table so the remaining guards are trapped in there
* The rest of the lodge house is searched, where a chest is found and unlocked by Oksana. Interesting things such as a gold bar with royal symbol
* Another chest is found with some nice potions and such
* Goes upstairs and finds man (leader) who says it’s not their fault about attacking the caravan and the fey made them do it
* A boss troll leads the fey, with the mephit being second in command
* Lady Agentia is okay, (in the cellar) and leader offers to take us to her in return for amnesty
* Rokar is the name of the leader and as he speaks, Aniolas realizes that it sounds exactly like the man who killed his parents
* Found breaks down the door and finds the man rushing to another room and skeletons waiting to attack them
* Regulas smashes one but gets hit really hard and goes down, with the situation only getting worse when the skeleton explodes in cold
* Aniolas fires an acid dart that finishes off the other skeleton, almost killing Regulas when it also explodes. But fortunately he was healed just prior to it by Found, who jumped on the table to heal him at the last possible second
* The party all feels a little more experienced through their trials and tribulations thus far

Session One
The party meets

This is my (Nesta) note dump from the session. Feel free to add to or pretty up as you’d like

  • At the village of heldren, each of the characters find themselves joining the crowd at the town hall to see the old, bearded man who was carried in
    *Was also mention of a farmer whose crops were being stolen and people were complaining about the unseasonal cold
  • The man, Ulan Orstagg, was a mercenary who was guarding a caravan of one Lady Argentia when it was attacked by bandits and cold fey that shot ice arrows
  • This area was normally kept protected by a group of rangers called the Highlodge Sentinels
  • Found was charged by the council to gather some people and investigate since they have no standing garrison in the village
  • Council sends group, saying they have no garrison in town to help – agrees to let Aniolas have access to all the books at the temple
  • Get cold weather outfit for free from general store, buy alchemical fire
  • Buy snow shoes from local woodworker
  • Have meal back at Found’s house then leave for the caravan site
  • Arrive at the caravan to see destruction, dead frozen bodies with Taldorian signia, Aniolas pukes
  • Hear moaning from one of the carriages and opens to find two zombies
    * Aniolas shoots one with acid, another takes chomp of Found
    * Regulas smashes zombies, yells at Aniolas to stop using magic
    * Aniolas Dives in bush to hide
  • Find jewelry box under seat with signet ring (Lady Argentia’s)
  • Trying to free the frozen captain, Found flips him and he shatters into a million pieces
  • Two horses missing
  • Follow the path into the forest
  • Found chest with nearby trap, Oksana got smacked hard
  • Meta – treasure was hid under the chest
  • Tatzlwyrm dropped from tree and attacked, biting the hell out of Found before he shoved a keg of ale down it’s throat, then Regulas smashed the hell out of it
  • The party rests and eats to recover some lost HP
  • Dead crows hung by the path
  • Aniolas spots a ambush by sprites
  • Found whips out alchemical fire flask and nails them all, making them run away even though the party tried really hard to smack the last one down
  • Oksana spots another fey down the trail (an Otami), where it was trying to use a talking stag to ambush the party
  • Found diplomacies the stag to turn on the fey, and Regulas finishes it off and smashed it
  • The stag was questioned by Found to see if it knew what was going on and it related the location of the fey and bandits with the kidnapped Lady Argentia
  • Found gave the stag a note and some human clothes so it could visit his parents for yummy grain snacks (and probably beer)

Group items gained during this session
Cold weather outfits
Snow shoes
Cold iron dagger
250gp worth of gems
Lady Argentia’s signet ring

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