25 pp 204gp, 330s,18cp

Jewelry, Art Objects, Knick-knacks, Tradeable Commodities

250GP worth of Jewelry
Lady Arentea’s Signet Ring
Courtier’s Outfits x3 (90gp total)
Gold Ingot (Royal Seal Engraved, 50gp value)
Ladies Silver Ring 25gp
Fine pair of Leather Riding Boots (15gp)
3 shards of Tigerseye (10gp each)
Blue Quartz Ice Diamond (Fancy Gem from Irrisen, 100gp)

Weapons, Armour and Ammunition

72 arrows
Masterwork Hand Axe
3 Padded Armour
3 Buckler (Found may take 1 of these)
3 Short Swords
3 Short Bows
Silver Dagger
Light Dagger
Light Crossbow +10 bolts
Masterwork Shortsword
Masterwork Studded Leather

Useful Items and Tools

A spyglass (from somewhere)
Small Lockbox
Keyring for the cabin

Potions, Oils, Unguents, Poultices, Miscellanous Panacea

Potion of Lesser Restoration (CL2)
Healer Kits 5 charges
2 doses of green oil (unknown, sizzles like acid. Probably is acid)
3 vials of Oil of Magic Weapon (10 minutes of +1)
10 flasks of Alchemist Fire
2 vials of oil (made the trapped fey sleepy and ill looking)


3 scrolls of Lesser Animate Dead (2HD)

Items Acquired and given out to characters.

Cloak of the Yeti (Regulus Has)
Masterwork Thieves Tools (Oksana has)
Spellbook (Aniolas has)
Studded Leather (Found wearing)


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