The Chronicles of Found Ryefoot

Midsummer, 21 Sareinth, 4713

It has finally happened! I am to go on an ADVENTURE!

Ever since Brother Muldoon left to travel to Varisia to investigate signs of some “ancient civilisation reawakening”, I have felt restless without our training sessions. He says that I’ve come a long way since he first met me and has been so patient with my questions, always answering me kindly. He is truly a man at peace with the world and if I can be half as good a priest as he is, I will have done myself proud.

Still, each morning, as I prayed in the temple ( The temple of Erastil. I am told Cayden Cailean does not mind where I worship, only that I should not impede others in theirs), I still find it hard not to fidget. I long to be out there, doing great deeds and honouring my patron, especially since he has chosen to bless me such powers. While it was appreciated that I healed an axe wound with a touch and a prayer, it doesn’t feel very….grand. Please do not think me ungrateful. Brother Muldoon would tell me that because of that healing, a family is still being fed and children are still being loved by their father and that is a truly miraculous thing. But what I feel would be truly miraculous is if I spear evil on the end of my rapier and make the land a safer place for all. Surely it is better to help more people that way? The greater good?

Anyway, my adventure awaits. The lady with an eyepatch seems a bit stern but she is as devout as I am in her faith. The warrior looks every bit what a hero should look like. I must try and emulate his look a little more. Still, something about him seems off, distant even. Perhaps he will warm to me with time over mugs of ale. The last member of our merry band is an elf and more so, a powerful wizard! Well, I assume he is. Aren’t all wizards powerful, lots of whizzes and bangs? Uncle certainly makes it sound that way anyway. I’m sure we cannot fail to retrieve the Lady Arentea!

Oh no, Mum’s got the scarf…

Adventure the 1st, 22nd Saerinith, 4713

Today I began a noble quest to save a damsel in distress. Is it right to call a Lady a damsel? I don’t know! But it’s so brilliant! I got bitten! By a ZOMBIE!! I got bitten…

Could this get any better?!

We came upon the Lady’s carriage and it appeared to have been violently attacked, wreckage everywhere. When we opened it, that’s when I got bitten. Still, not to worry. Brave Regulus smashed it into tiny pieces with his hammer…thing. I don’t know what its called but its so awesome. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good rapier of course but just one big swing and POW! Aniolas seemed a bit shaken up but he still cast powerful spells at the enemy!

I am saddened to write however that the guard captain was beyond any healing I could muster. Turned to solid ice! I can only imagine what kind of creature is so powerful that it could freeze a man through. Still, we must soldier on.

23rd Saerinth 4713,

The hand here is slightly wobblier than before and the words oddly spaced, as if the writer was recently hit in the head.

That was an interesting battle. I was knocked out but it all went ok in the end. We aren’t far from the cabin now apparently. I don’t like snowmen very much any more.

24th Saerinth, 4713

It’s a funny thing but you never really forget things that your mother taught you. Always be polite and courteous, be honest in your words and actions my mother would tell me. So when I tried to make friends with a white stag in a frozen wood, I did just that. And the stag respected me for my honesty and helped us against the nasty fey hiding in the woods to ambush us. He gave us good directions to the cabin too and when we arrived, it was like something out of a story book, all frosted with snow. And getting inside, well we just walked in the front door! Aniolas did some powerful magic and knocked out all the bandits in one go! His spells are so cool. Uh oh…someones moving around upstairs suddenly…

The Chronicles of Found Ryefoot

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