Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Section 16
Nesta forgets to take any notes

So not sure why I didn’t start an adventure log this last session, but by the time I realized it we were almost done for the day. And you know what? I think I really enjoyed the game more not taking time to worry about writing things down and focusing instead on playing and especially RPing. We had some great roleplaying today from everyone and it really makes the game that much more special.

Anyways, I guess I started taking notes because I have a horrendous memory and when we played Rise of the Runelords, I found myself not recalling what had happened 3-4 sessions ago, especially people and places. I didn’t want to have that kind of gap for this campaign, so I started taking copious notes and then submitted them in this log.

Now I’m thinking that I’m just going to go ahead and stop taking notes unless you all are really dependent on them as I think it was bogging down my fun a bit. And I’m all about the fun! Seriously, though, if you are dependent on these logs I will be fine with continuing them. Just let me know!

Also, next week I have a little surprise for you. It’s been too long coming and…well I guess you’ll have to just wait and see next week!

Session 15
Oksana's past comes crashing into the present

Session 15

* The group finds out they cannot get into the city without proper paperwork, but Reingarr says he knows someone inside who can get the party the papers they need, but have to get into through the Howling, an area of the city inhabited by Winterwolves things
* The party heads in with Oksana wearing the Rimepelt, impersonating a Winterwolf
* Stopped at the gate but try to bribe their way in. Oksana is hit on by the lady guard
* Some winter goblins attempt to mug the party for the wagon of the fish, and are barely intimidated away
* Then they run into a Mirror Man, who gets interested in the party from their magic gear. The party tries to cover the bag of holding their stashing all their stuff in a oil of glamour, but the mirror man continues to approach.
* Aniolas freaks out and summons a crap ton of eagle to attack. The party defeats it before it can warn the winter witches
* The cart is dumped off at the house and the party makes their way towards the man who has fake papers for them
* They run into a couple of winter wolves hungover and arguing, and the party skirts around them
* Then they meet Korgan, a winter wolf chasing a man who he says is his slave. Oksana steps in front of him and offers to buy the slave, which Korgan agrees to. Ringeeir tells him to return to the wolf’s house and get all the other slaves and go to a house they can hide(?) in
* The party runs into wolves fighting with trolls and the wolves run off. Found summons war dogs from his robe of many items and the trolls chase them.
* Finally arriving at the house, the man Morton will not let the party in, so Found uses a magic window from his robe and they go inside, where the man apologizes and gives them the papers to move through the city as Stilagi
* The party spends the night at Mortons and Oksana has terrible dreams, the only thing she remembers is skeletons standing in blood rain telling her that she should have died
* They leave the next morning and are stopped by two mirror men asking for their papers, who detect the forgeries and are attacked and defeated by the party
* They head into the spring water district, where they are led to a secret shrine of Milani to meet the heralds who tell them about what’s going on in the city
* The party decides (upon the advice of the heralds) that the winter guard in the clocktower should be taken down, signaling the heralds to start a city wide riot, causing the guards in the garden district to be distracted enough for the party to get in to get to Baba Yaga’s hut
* Oksana’s sister and the man who took her eye are located in the tower which gives the party no reason not to attack it
* Upon some strategical discussion, it’s decided that the party will use scrolls to turn invisible and fly up to the top of the tower
* There they find not only the manticore mentioned by the heralds but the captain and Oksana’s sister (with her Eidolon)
* A fight ensues and lots of drama happens, the highlights being Regulus down and out with the captain’s sword at his throat, ready to finish the job if the party doesn’t surrender.
* Oksana pleas with her sister and though she won’t attack the captain, she does try to protect Regulus by lying on top of him
* The captain still attacks, hurting Oksana’s sister and causing the Eidolon to launch itself at the captain, knocking them both off the balcony and plunging to the ground forty feet below

Session 14
I see dead kids

Session 14

* After a night’s rest, the party continues on towards Whitethrone
* They come across a temple in very poor shape, with a graveyard in front of it and two priests doing priest stuff, which is strange since religion is outlawed in Irrisen.
* Found is suspicious and casts detect magic and sees necromancy everywhere. He then channels energy and attacks them.
* After defeating them, Found casts Speak with Dead and finds out that these were priests of Vezna who abandoned the children when Baba Yaga’s armys came marching in
* The party spends the night, burying the bones of the children and consecrating the grounds.
* Approaching the village where Nadya wants to go, the party stumbles onto a house with a dead body in front of it with small claw marks in it
* Knocking on the door, a woman speaks out asking if they are gone. She wasn’t sure what it was that attacked them because they moved so quickly
* She did see one with goat legs run to the barn. The party goes there and finds a satyr tied up being beaten by quicklings. The party attacks, defeats the quicklings and finds the satyr is the son of the woman in the cabin
* They reunite the two and go straight to the awkward zone
* Nadya and her family decide to stay with the woman while they settle into Elspren
* The party loads up on supplies and heads towards Whitethrone
* They find some trolls on a bridge and pay them a toll of fish to get by (thanks Oksana!)
* Approaching the fishing camp outside of Whitethrone, the party finds Ringeeir’s house as abandoned.
* They ask about and find him being interrogated/beaten by some guards at the local fish processing building

Session 13
On the way to Whitethrone

* After another night’s rest, the group talks about Whitethrone and Oksana shares that the city is very guarded but that the Milani folowers that helped skirt her out of the city might be able to help them in. A man named RINGEIRR MALENKOV will be living in some sort of camp on the outskirts of the city
* A time later, the party is attacked by the winter guard and a giant winter wolf named Norgrim
* The party defeats them and interrogates the guard, who let them know a forest popped up overnight in the market square, in the merchant district
* The party lets the guards go upon their promise to not return to Whitethrone
* That night, Aniolas picks Found’s brain about right and wrong and when it’s okay to kill someone
* Found also casts Speak with Dead with Norgrim and asked what his mission was, and he said he was supposed to check in on the Pale Tower since communication was lost with Radosek as well as check what was happening with us. Also he was asked about why everyone wants the Black Rider’s corpse. They find out that the Black Rider’s corpse is wanted because the Queen plans on displaying all the corpses of the ’Rider’s’ to show the population her coup against Baba Yaga was successful
* The next day, they find a cabin and knock where a beautiful red headed woman named Sylgia, who’s husband Finngarth was kidnapped by a moss troll a couple of hours ago
* The party finds the husband in a nearby cave where it had fallen under the possession of a mind affecting moss from the First World, which we kill without harming her husband – ten return to her, where it is revealed that Sylgia is actually a type of fey with a fox tail and has a hole in her back
* Upon some thinking, it is realized that there are a lot more fey in Irrisen that there should be, or at least than any other part of the world. There weren’t many here until Baba Yaga came down from the northern mountains with them – she had gathered them from the crown of the world
* The group comes across an area where the winter has made way for warm weather – Oksana remembers that there are some groups of druids that have tried to stop the winter, perhaps associated with Heralds of Summer
* For the second night in a row, Oksana notices a small drop of blood coming from her hilt at about the same time of the night. It’s theorized that this weapon is involved with fate somehow and when detect magic is cast and aura of necromancy is found. Aniolas figures out that a ritual could be done to bring out the power of the sword, but we don’t know what kind (good/bad)

Session 12
Backstory + Roleplaying = Win

Session 12:

* The party drags the barely alive Radosek up to the top floor and investigates the rest of the floor, finding a room with another ice statue of the winter witch Nezenna that proceeds to talk, insulting the PCs and telling them they better be gone when she returns.
* Oksana walks into the room and successfully avoids being cursed with frailty
* Found, however, puts on a cursed ring and has spikes latched onto his finger
* The party investigates the large magic looking map on the wall and Aniolas figures out that he could stop the portal running between Heldren and Waldsby – after a couple of tries, Aniolas gets it
* The party wakes up Radosek and begins to interrogate him
* From the journals of Nezenna and Radosek, the party learns that the tower was built by Nezenna’s mother and that Nezenna is not here because she is in whitethrone dealing with an ‘issue’ about Baba Yaga’s Hut. From Radosek, we learn he sold his family to get power. Nezenna apprenticed him. He also was able to track down his original parents and found out that he was supposed to be exchanged from a noble family to a Jadwiga family. The caravans that were doing the switch were raided by bandits which led each kid being ‘found’ by their halfling families. Upon further thinking, this meant that Found was actually the child from Irrisen and Radosek from Taldron.
* Nan Hestreka was a winter witch – and apparently Found’s real mother
* Radosek’s real Dad was the noble that tenpenny robbed and was killed
* Radosek challenges Found to kill him but Found refuses and teleports down to the 1st floor while Oksana kills Radosek
* The party contacts the Crow witch and exchanges the cursed ring
* Oksana hands out Troll Tooth Charms for everyone, and talks to Aniolas about trying to not melt any else’s faces – but Aniolas doesn’t get it
* Later on the trip back to Waldsby, Aniolas asks Found if he thinks his family would adopt him
* One night on the trip, Found has a dream where he is drinking with a warrior type (Cayden Cailean) and feels much more ‘liberated’ in the morning
* Returning to Waldsby, it is immediately noticable that there are less people in the village
* They gather what they need, make a couple of wands and head towards Whitethrone in the company of Nadya’s family and Tenpenny
* Along the way, the group gets attacked by two flocks of ravens, a group of fey called Jenkins, and some Arboreal Wolves – the wolves were trying to eat one of Nadya’s sons – she was very grateful the party rescued them

Session 10 and 11
The Great Clusterfuck or "Sometimes you guys are the dumbs!"

Session 10/11:

* Continuing up the tower, the party takes the teleport up to the 2nd floor and is attacked by a ton of people a.k.a. Clusterfuck 2.0 but we prevail again
* Take another teleporter up to the 4th floor (aerie) and defeat the cleric by dropping her a long way to the snowy ground, grab the key to the 3rd floor where we assume Radosek is
* In a mirror, Radosek shows up and tries to talk to us, but Found smashes the mirror and we head to final boss stage
* The party did not apparently remember their past follies and took separate teleporters, only to find Radosek, an Ice Dragon construct, and some previously tied up guards
* Crazy fight with Radosek, ending with Regulus jumping off a wall and pummeling him with a mighty hammer swing while the rest of the party was incapacitated. Radosek dies in the ensuing fall (did I mention he was flying at the time?)

Session 9
Fight all of the things!

Session 9:

* The party gathers up and with Nadya and Tenpenny, head to the Pale Tower via a sled.
* Witch crow intercepts them and offers to exchange information about the tower in exchange for magic items
* The party realizes that the witch crow is trying to use the party to clear the tower so she can lay her egg there; she agrees to help the party if they clear the wall of archers
* Stopping for the night, the party learns the unfortunate method of bread making in Irrisen (bone flour!)
* Oksana reveals a little of her backstory, talking about her mother’s death and the her religion, the Cult of Malani and her sister who appears to be a summoner who was taken by the White Witches
* Finally reaching the tower and after much discussion on how to proceed, the party forms a human ladder and Regulus climbs up to the wall only to be immediately spotted by the patrolling archers
* Regulus drags the rest of the party up the rope and they fight off a very large ice troll and head into the tower hallway
* They proceed to get surrounded on both sides and do well to fight off the attackers until the troll bashes through the walls to get at them, pushing the fight out into the courtyard
* The party barely fights off their attackers and Found goes unconscious a few times but they finally defeat everything that attacked them
* No sign of Radosek or the water elemental as the group takes a moment to regain their breath and thank their makers for surviving that clusterfuck

Session 8
Regulus really hammers the point home

Session 8

* Found heals up the guards and Volen. Aniolas gets them to talk by intimidating them.
* Volen tells about how the brewery gets burned down and finding Radosek.
* Nazhena Vasilliovna is the name of the head white witch, who left to go to Whitethrone when Baba Yaga’s hut was chained in the market square
* Hestrig Orlov is the captain, a sorcerer who buffs up with spells to fight
* Radosek knows of the party via the mirror Volen, and the patrol has been notified and is probably heading this way, about two days out
* Tenpenny notes that they will probably assemble outside of town on the road, so we could ambush them
* The party goes about the village and tries to convince them to fight the incoming patrol
* They convince the blacksmith with coin to help outfit the townspeople
* After setting up, Oksana and Found recognize that the general store shopkeeper is acting strangely. Upon confrontation, she bolts. Captured after a bit of a struggle, she admits to telling the Pale Tower what the group has been up to
* Five days later, the Pale Tower patrol force approaches the town, with the sorcerer captain leading the charge.
* The party fights them off, finishing the battle with Regulus splattering the captain into fine red paste.
* The party feels stronger, more experienced and a bit tougher.

Session 7
Staggering parallels

* The party arrives in Waldsby and Nadya offers for them to stay with her while she stores the food she brought
* They head into the village to look for a general store to refit and Found weirdly takes them straight to it without knowing how. The whole town reminds him of Heldren.
* Party buys some rations, rope, and ale amongst other things
* Aniolas and Oksana figure out this is a ley line that has split in a “Fey Line Forked Mirrorism”. Heldren is the opposite of this village.
* Found heads towards where his family’s brewery would be located and finds it burned down
* The party heads back to Nadya’s house and Found asks about the brewery and finds that it was burned down by the Jadwiga 15 years ago when it was found that the family there was smuggling people out of Irrisen.
* Going to the tavern, the couple that runs it seems to recognize Found and along with the ale, serves him a cup of tea without him asking for it
* Spellcraft shows that the tea has the power of magic suggestion and shortly after the owners tell Found to leave the town right this minute
* Found refuses and approaches the owner, who then shoots him with crossbow
* Defeated and tied up for interrogation, the owners tell Found that the brewery was owned by the nicest halfling family who were sold out to the Jadwiga by their oldest son (Volen Sertane) and a human bastard (Radosek Pavril) they had found and adopted
* The jadwiga came into town and rounded them up and burned down the brewery and crucified the family
* Oksana recognizes that Radosek is skaldic for found
* The party decides to take a trip to the Pale Tower to find evil Found and try to shut the portal to Heldren down
* While preparing, the party recognizes a picture of Nadya’s daughter as being the tiny child doll that the party encountered previously
* Aniolas detected a illusion spell and he cast glitterdust to reveal a small house spirit called Hatch, who was very distraught over the news
* While still preparing, (including a beard for Found to make him look like Radosek), guards knocked on the door and demanded Nadya tell them about the strangers she’s been seen with
* Found tries to command them to leave while impersonating Radosek but fails miserably so the party slays the guards and ties up one, but one raced towards the tower to warn the sergeant, but the party caught and killed him
* Head to the tavern to confront the sergeant, who ends up being Volen Sertane. The party defeats them and Volen is unconscious.

Session 6
A tough fight and the portal to Irrisen

Session 6:

* The other members of the group attack the encampment and are joined later by Aniolas and Oksana. Barely overcoming the moss troll, Teb, and his minions, the party discovers a large portal shooting out ice, sleet, and other cold stuff.
* The Black Rider appears from the icy portal, with a giant icicle through his chest.
* After questioning, he says the portal is a two way doorway to Irrisen. Baba Yaga is missing and the current Queen (Ilvana) is making a power play to stay in power.
* He tells the party that the gates will keep opening up all over the world and eventually eternal winter will be everywhere and Irrisen will invade.
* He asks the party to search for Baba Yaga who will be able to stop the queen and gives them his mantle upon sacrificing himself in an arcane ritual. This makes them each a little better in the attribute of their choice but are also geased into searching for Baba Yaga. He says that the portal will lead to a place where Baba Yaga’s magical hut is and it will help the party search for her.
* Portal leaves them Southwest of city Whitethrone, with what looks like a battle field around them.
* After walking in the snow a bit, they come across a battle with some locals and a giant mantis (which are native to Taldorn)
* Nadya Petska was the head of the group of locals and she introduces herself, invited them to come along to Wallsby, the nearby village the party is looking for
* They camp for the night to let an incoming storm pass over them and the meet a fey bard named Mierul Ardelain who is traveling to perform for the Irrisen nobles
* The bard keeps asking them why they are in this land, and the party bluffs very badly about it
* The next day, they are attacked by a huge swarm of ravens who apparently act as spies for the Irrisen nobles (Jadwiga). Nadya tries to hide them under a tarp, but the ravens see them and attack
* The ravens are defeated and the group heads into town (but not before Aniolas tries to impress the bard with a giant flaming sphere), where Nadya says that she was trying to bring food to the Jadwiga since they took her daughter for saying things against the head Jadwiga.


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