Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 10 and 11

The Great Clusterfuck or "Sometimes you guys are the dumbs!"

Session 10/11:

* Continuing up the tower, the party takes the teleport up to the 2nd floor and is attacked by a ton of people a.k.a. Clusterfuck 2.0 but we prevail again
* Take another teleporter up to the 4th floor (aerie) and defeat the cleric by dropping her a long way to the snowy ground, grab the key to the 3rd floor where we assume Radosek is
* In a mirror, Radosek shows up and tries to talk to us, but Found smashes the mirror and we head to final boss stage
* The party did not apparently remember their past follies and took separate teleporters, only to find Radosek, an Ice Dragon construct, and some previously tied up guards
* Crazy fight with Radosek, ending with Regulus jumping off a wall and pummeling him with a mighty hammer swing while the rest of the party was incapacitated. Radosek dies in the ensuing fall (did I mention he was flying at the time?)


Mattzm Nestamon

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