Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 9

Fight all of the things!

Session 9:

* The party gathers up and with Nadya and Tenpenny, head to the Pale Tower via a sled.
* Witch crow intercepts them and offers to exchange information about the tower in exchange for magic items
* The party realizes that the witch crow is trying to use the party to clear the tower so she can lay her egg there; she agrees to help the party if they clear the wall of archers
* Stopping for the night, the party learns the unfortunate method of bread making in Irrisen (bone flour!)
* Oksana reveals a little of her backstory, talking about her mother’s death and the her religion, the Cult of Malani and her sister who appears to be a summoner who was taken by the White Witches
* Finally reaching the tower and after much discussion on how to proceed, the party forms a human ladder and Regulus climbs up to the wall only to be immediately spotted by the patrolling archers
* Regulus drags the rest of the party up the rope and they fight off a very large ice troll and head into the tower hallway
* They proceed to get surrounded on both sides and do well to fight off the attackers until the troll bashes through the walls to get at them, pushing the fight out into the courtyard
* The party barely fights off their attackers and Found goes unconscious a few times but they finally defeat everything that attacked them
* No sign of Radosek or the water elemental as the group takes a moment to regain their breath and thank their makers for surviving that clusterfuck


Mattzm Nestamon

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