Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 12

Backstory + Roleplaying = Win

Session 12:

* The party drags the barely alive Radosek up to the top floor and investigates the rest of the floor, finding a room with another ice statue of the winter witch Nezenna that proceeds to talk, insulting the PCs and telling them they better be gone when she returns.
* Oksana walks into the room and successfully avoids being cursed with frailty
* Found, however, puts on a cursed ring and has spikes latched onto his finger
* The party investigates the large magic looking map on the wall and Aniolas figures out that he could stop the portal running between Heldren and Waldsby – after a couple of tries, Aniolas gets it
* The party wakes up Radosek and begins to interrogate him
* From the journals of Nezenna and Radosek, the party learns that the tower was built by Nezenna’s mother and that Nezenna is not here because she is in whitethrone dealing with an ‘issue’ about Baba Yaga’s Hut. From Radosek, we learn he sold his family to get power. Nezenna apprenticed him. He also was able to track down his original parents and found out that he was supposed to be exchanged from a noble family to a Jadwiga family. The caravans that were doing the switch were raided by bandits which led each kid being ‘found’ by their halfling families. Upon further thinking, this meant that Found was actually the child from Irrisen and Radosek from Taldron.
* Nan Hestreka was a winter witch – and apparently Found’s real mother
* Radosek’s real Dad was the noble that tenpenny robbed and was killed
* Radosek challenges Found to kill him but Found refuses and teleports down to the 1st floor while Oksana kills Radosek
* The party contacts the Crow witch and exchanges the cursed ring
* Oksana hands out Troll Tooth Charms for everyone, and talks to Aniolas about trying to not melt any else’s faces – but Aniolas doesn’t get it
* Later on the trip back to Waldsby, Aniolas asks Found if he thinks his family would adopt him
* One night on the trip, Found has a dream where he is drinking with a warrior type (Cayden Cailean) and feels much more ‘liberated’ in the morning
* Returning to Waldsby, it is immediately noticable that there are less people in the village
* They gather what they need, make a couple of wands and head towards Whitethrone in the company of Nadya’s family and Tenpenny
* Along the way, the group gets attacked by two flocks of ravens, a group of fey called Jenkins, and some Arboreal Wolves – the wolves were trying to eat one of Nadya’s sons – she was very grateful the party rescued them


Mattzm Nestamon

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