Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 13

On the way to Whitethrone

* After another night’s rest, the group talks about Whitethrone and Oksana shares that the city is very guarded but that the Milani folowers that helped skirt her out of the city might be able to help them in. A man named RINGEIRR MALENKOV will be living in some sort of camp on the outskirts of the city
* A time later, the party is attacked by the winter guard and a giant winter wolf named Norgrim
* The party defeats them and interrogates the guard, who let them know a forest popped up overnight in the market square, in the merchant district
* The party lets the guards go upon their promise to not return to Whitethrone
* That night, Aniolas picks Found’s brain about right and wrong and when it’s okay to kill someone
* Found also casts Speak with Dead with Norgrim and asked what his mission was, and he said he was supposed to check in on the Pale Tower since communication was lost with Radosek as well as check what was happening with us. Also he was asked about why everyone wants the Black Rider’s corpse. They find out that the Black Rider’s corpse is wanted because the Queen plans on displaying all the corpses of the ’Rider’s’ to show the population her coup against Baba Yaga was successful
* The next day, they find a cabin and knock where a beautiful red headed woman named Sylgia, who’s husband Finngarth was kidnapped by a moss troll a couple of hours ago
* The party finds the husband in a nearby cave where it had fallen under the possession of a mind affecting moss from the First World, which we kill without harming her husband – ten return to her, where it is revealed that Sylgia is actually a type of fey with a fox tail and has a hole in her back
* Upon some thinking, it is realized that there are a lot more fey in Irrisen that there should be, or at least than any other part of the world. There weren’t many here until Baba Yaga came down from the northern mountains with them – she had gathered them from the crown of the world
* The group comes across an area where the winter has made way for warm weather – Oksana remembers that there are some groups of druids that have tried to stop the winter, perhaps associated with Heralds of Summer
* For the second night in a row, Oksana notices a small drop of blood coming from her hilt at about the same time of the night. It’s theorized that this weapon is involved with fate somehow and when detect magic is cast and aura of necromancy is found. Aniolas figures out that a ritual could be done to bring out the power of the sword, but we don’t know what kind (good/bad)


Mattzm Nestamon

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