Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 14

I see dead kids

Session 14

* After a night’s rest, the party continues on towards Whitethrone
* They come across a temple in very poor shape, with a graveyard in front of it and two priests doing priest stuff, which is strange since religion is outlawed in Irrisen.
* Found is suspicious and casts detect magic and sees necromancy everywhere. He then channels energy and attacks them.
* After defeating them, Found casts Speak with Dead and finds out that these were priests of Vezna who abandoned the children when Baba Yaga’s armys came marching in
* The party spends the night, burying the bones of the children and consecrating the grounds.
* Approaching the village where Nadya wants to go, the party stumbles onto a house with a dead body in front of it with small claw marks in it
* Knocking on the door, a woman speaks out asking if they are gone. She wasn’t sure what it was that attacked them because they moved so quickly
* She did see one with goat legs run to the barn. The party goes there and finds a satyr tied up being beaten by quicklings. The party attacks, defeats the quicklings and finds the satyr is the son of the woman in the cabin
* They reunite the two and go straight to the awkward zone
* Nadya and her family decide to stay with the woman while they settle into Elspren
* The party loads up on supplies and heads towards Whitethrone
* They find some trolls on a bridge and pay them a toll of fish to get by (thanks Oksana!)
* Approaching the fishing camp outside of Whitethrone, the party finds Ringeeir’s house as abandoned.
* They ask about and find him being interrogated/beaten by some guards at the local fish processing building


Mattzm Nestamon

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