Campaign The Second: Reign of Winter

Session 15

Oksana's past comes crashing into the present

Session 15

* The group finds out they cannot get into the city without proper paperwork, but Reingarr says he knows someone inside who can get the party the papers they need, but have to get into through the Howling, an area of the city inhabited by Winterwolves things
* The party heads in with Oksana wearing the Rimepelt, impersonating a Winterwolf
* Stopped at the gate but try to bribe their way in. Oksana is hit on by the lady guard
* Some winter goblins attempt to mug the party for the wagon of the fish, and are barely intimidated away
* Then they run into a Mirror Man, who gets interested in the party from their magic gear. The party tries to cover the bag of holding their stashing all their stuff in a oil of glamour, but the mirror man continues to approach.
* Aniolas freaks out and summons a crap ton of eagle to attack. The party defeats it before it can warn the winter witches
* The cart is dumped off at the house and the party makes their way towards the man who has fake papers for them
* They run into a couple of winter wolves hungover and arguing, and the party skirts around them
* Then they meet Korgan, a winter wolf chasing a man who he says is his slave. Oksana steps in front of him and offers to buy the slave, which Korgan agrees to. Ringeeir tells him to return to the wolf’s house and get all the other slaves and go to a house they can hide(?) in
* The party runs into wolves fighting with trolls and the wolves run off. Found summons war dogs from his robe of many items and the trolls chase them.
* Finally arriving at the house, the man Morton will not let the party in, so Found uses a magic window from his robe and they go inside, where the man apologizes and gives them the papers to move through the city as Stilagi
* The party spends the night at Mortons and Oksana has terrible dreams, the only thing she remembers is skeletons standing in blood rain telling her that she should have died
* They leave the next morning and are stopped by two mirror men asking for their papers, who detect the forgeries and are attacked and defeated by the party
* They head into the spring water district, where they are led to a secret shrine of Milani to meet the heralds who tell them about what’s going on in the city
* The party decides (upon the advice of the heralds) that the winter guard in the clocktower should be taken down, signaling the heralds to start a city wide riot, causing the guards in the garden district to be distracted enough for the party to get in to get to Baba Yaga’s hut
* Oksana’s sister and the man who took her eye are located in the tower which gives the party no reason not to attack it
* Upon some strategical discussion, it’s decided that the party will use scrolls to turn invisible and fly up to the top of the tower
* There they find not only the manticore mentioned by the heralds but the captain and Oksana’s sister (with her Eidolon)
* A fight ensues and lots of drama happens, the highlights being Regulus down and out with the captain’s sword at his throat, ready to finish the job if the party doesn’t surrender.
* Oksana pleas with her sister and though she won’t attack the captain, she does try to protect Regulus by lying on top of him
* The captain still attacks, hurting Oksana’s sister and causing the Eidolon to launch itself at the captain, knocking them both off the balcony and plunging to the ground forty feet below


Mattzm Nestamon

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